Italian Power Metal Saves The Day

Secret Sphere has maintained a decent discography along the years and survived the Power Metal movement resurfaced during the nineties movement's second heyday.

Reviewing the later years in Heavy Metal style's own development process in its history time, few names come to the fold:

Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica, Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Wonderland, Shadows of Steel, Power Quest, Axenstar and Supreme Majesty are among the new breed of Bands that kept the style alive during the turn of the new millennium, re injecting it with new developed structures, binding both Symphonic Metal and Progressive Metal.

Today most of this  bands  are not  making  up for the style to stay interesting and only a couple of them have mantained certain exploration towards new territories, keeping the style alive.

Secret Sphere is one of a kind band, they've kept their power-symphonic roots without loosing any aggressiveness in their sound through two powerful records, Scent of Human Desire 2003 and Heart and Anger 2005. After a three year recess their intricate, technical and uplifting style shines once more in their latter and almost consecutive two albums  2008 Sweet Blood Theory and 2010 Archetype.

Sweet Blood Theory maintains a symphonic edge a theme surrounding vampire imagery and plot while the music kicks firmly based and paying homage to the film scores by Danny Elfman (Batman, Beetlejuice, Good Will Hunting, Spiderman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Simpsons).

With Archetype, S S prove themselves as musicians, composers still managing to bring a strong record with some Orchestrated arrangements, which is something they've always used in all their albums without sounding redundant, the album is full of hooking songs, atmospheric keyboard work, acoustic grand piano sounds and great lyrics.

Singer Ramon R. Messina has a powerful voice, sounding a lot like Roberto Tiranti from Labyrinth, yet also reminds me of early Ray Alder of Fates Warning, with a high pitch range.

The album takes a more progressive approach than previous efforts, with shorter in your face songs, showing again Secret Sphere's versatile edge, great control in their compositions a well balanced mix of talent and a good dose of well crafted Modern Heavy Metal, stronger and vivid than ever.

May the Sphere to be the kings of a modern polished Power Metal.

Rodrigo Trupp


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