Lockup US tour 2012 Reggie's Pub Chicago IL.

Lockup, Chicago Reggie’s Pub, February 2012

A few weeks ago during a cold and snowy weather night, me and my wife headed down south of the Loop (Chicago Downtown), a couple of blocks east of Chinatown to see a Death Metal concert of a classic and influential band and also meet with one of the featured musicians that night, my friend Anton Reisseneger.

As we all know, Anton Reissenegger’s Music career dates back into mid 80’s in his hometown Santiago de Chile.
Later, Chile went to produce a good bunch of world acclaimed Bands, which became cult status holders, Pentagram is one of them. After Pentagram Anton formed Fallout which morphed into Criminal, Anton’s fulltime ensemble.

Now residing with his family in Spain, Criminal is formed mainly of Europeans: Anton Reisenegger, Guitars and Vocals, Dan Biggin Bass, Zac O’Neil Drums, Olmo Cascallar Lead Guitar.
I had a couple of surprises that night, while we entered the Pub I saw Lockup's main front man, Tomas Lindberg behind the stand selling merchandise, although I wasn’t sure that was him. 

Anton later on explained to me, their crew had have some trouble in customs while entering back from Canada  into US territory. They had started the tour in New York and recruited former Nuclear Assault’s former bass player Danny Lilker who at some point also had played with no other than Anthrax in their early stages, Brutal Truth and formed S.O.D. during Nuclear Assault’s first heyday, another treat I was set for that Valentine’s day night out with my lovely wife.
The set came with loads of songs of the 2002’s Hate Breeds Suffering epic album plus new material from their recent Necropolis Transparent album (2011) ending with a Dark Angel covered song, Merciless Death from their acclaimed Thrash Metal classic Darkness Descends released in 1986.

As far as the whole brilliantly executed pack of powerful songs, the place is one of a kind providing the listener with great acoustics.
During a cool meal and a couple of Beers before the show, Anton as he explained that night, had been already playing with Lockup for a couple o years and seemed very proud of Criminal’s 2011 latest release entitled: Akelarre,which according to him was more of a live album, with not too many overdubs. Among the bands we talked about,   Anton said  I should check a band called Vektor, suggested by fans of his own radio show in Chile, I suggested Psycroptic.

The Line up for Lock up was:
Nicholas Barker Drums (Cradle of Filth, Brujeria, Dimmu Borgir)
Tomas Lindberg Vocals (At the Gates, The Crown, Nightrage)
Dan Lilker Bass
Anton Reisenegger Guitar 

Photos/ text Rodrigo Trupp exclusively.
property of Lockup through MEP 2012



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