Angel Dust : The imminent return of a classic?

Border of Reality 1998 (Century Media)
"Of Human Bondage" was Angel Dust’s last known work released in 2002. Their authentic and own particular style still prevails nowadays among other acts of similar category and genre.

After a long silent recess apparently also away from  singer Dirk Thurisch, in which the musician putted out one album with the band Mercury Tide in 2004 simply entitled Why? The classic German progressive-metal ensemble, is rumored to be back in the works of new material with their former front man and band members: Bernd Aufermann on guitars, Steven Banx keyboards, Dirk Assmuth drums and Christian Polhmann bass.

Heavy classic European veterans Angel Dust formed in Dortmund, Germany back in 1984 and debuted with, Into The Dark Past (1987).

I particularly know of their 4 consecutive albums after reforming in the late nineties by original, Bass player Frank Banx and Drummer Dirk Assmuth (apparently only surviving member today): Border of Reality 1998, Bleed 1999, Enlighten The Darkness 2000 and the aforementioned Human Bondage.

Bleed 1999 (Century Media)
In their last official record the group directed their music into something heavier and darker, maintaining the atmospheric piano and keyboard oriented classic Heavy Metal. The Album was a natural transition paved by the previous efforts, it has several speed metal songs, a good dose of keyboard samples and angrier-aggressive vocal lines.  According to the Metal Specialized site: post from early 2010, Angel Dust started working on their next record entitled Tales from Ashes and Dust yet it hasn't been released.

In a way to classify the originality of their Music the group possess hints of progressive-metal where keyboards are used as a polyphonic complement and a lyrical content in which the voice depicts romantic-obscure palpable sentiments and refined hostility.

Rodrigo Trupp
Música en Progreso March 2011


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