Adventures In Sound

Iannis Xenakis, Karleheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Schaeffer are among few of the revolutionary Artists-Musicians who basically binded Electricity with Music during World War II. To explain this from a different angle, we may say that without them there wouldn't be "Rock" or any other form of modern methods of expansion for Music away from orthodox expressions.
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el - Across Post-War Europe composers like the young German, Karleheinz Stockhausen, the Romanian-born architect, Iannis Xenakis and the Frenchmen, Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry began to seek out new ways of organizing sound and looked to science for inspiration. Science and logic, after all, held out the promise of a new civilization unsullied by irrational forces like nationalism; might it not do the same for the arts? These composers constructed their music according to widely differing philosophies, systems, formulae and beliefs. What drove them on was a hunger for new sounds and new soundscapes that pointed the way towards a world in which there was simply no place for the horrors of war. And there can be no doubt that their pioneering work proved an inspiration for future generations of musicians. They too were looking to free themselves from the dead weight of convention, and when in 1967 Paul McCartney discovered how much further Stockhausen had already gone with Gesang
der Junglinge, he encouraged the Beatles to experiment with techniques ranging from the use of reversed tapes to the total abandonment of metrics and melody - most notably on Revolution 9 and the (to date) unreleased 14-minute free-for-all Carnival of Light. All of the recordings in this set are beyond groundbreaking and historic. Everything is out of print or impossible to find and as an overview of the development of electronic and electro-acoustic music in the post-war years our edition is an invaluable document.

foreword by Rodrigo Trupp

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