Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

Captain Beefheart was Introduced to me by a Friend-Musician I met first time a came to Chicago in 2001, we had a short lived ensemble in Which I played "Bass" and at same time the only thing we would do besides drinking beer and see local bands playing small Bars was to hear Captain Beefheart. This Band was leaded by North American Singer Songwriter and Painter Don Van Vliet(born Don Glen Vliet). Their Style ranges between Rock, Punk, and over all a lot of expressionism similar to Frank Zappa's eclectic sounds and experimentation but with hints of blues. The Band now extinct produced about a dozen pieces of "Jewelry" between 1967 through 1982 influencing and gaining considerable amount of recognition but not commercial success. Beefheart finished His "Magic Band" (as the group was known to people) and called it a day to pursue a successful career in Painting at his home in northern California where he lives now.

Captain Beefheart/Safe As Milk (originally released in 1967) ....CD $15.99
Rev-Ola - Rev-Ola reissues one of the greatest albums of all time! SAFE AS MILK by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band! This REALLY IS an album without which no collection is complete! With A&M junior popmeister Richard Perry, jack of all trades Ry Cooder, songwriting genius Russ Titelman, The Captain makes his first real shot at being legendary...and succeeds! One of the greatest albums ever made, INTENSIFIED in true Rev-Ola style for your pleasure. Beautifully re-mastered by the wonderful Norman Blake at studio 3! Wonderful liner notes by Kris Needs with comments from the stars of today!

foreword by Rodrigo Trupp

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