Igor Stravinsky CD

Igor Stravinsky/Octet To Orpheus...The Neo-Classical Stravinsky .CD Of all the major composers of the 20th century, none was more warmly embraced by the world of rock music than Stravinsky. Along with Edgard Varese, he was the principal influence on the compositions of Frank Zappa, while numerous avant-garde and progressive rock bands - among them Yes, who would take the stage to the accompaniment of "The Firebird",
proclaimed him their guiding light. The obvious reasons for this are his pioneering use of powerful and unusual rhythms, his music's lack of sentimentality, its waspish wit, its anti-authoritarianism - not to mention the composer's love of good whisky - all found obvious counterparts in the rock lifestyle, even if his meticulous approach to discipline did not. If history makes Stravinsky sound like a daunting and intimidating musical figure - a composer to be approached with fear and reverence rather than any expectation of pleasure - then the gorgeous music contained here will prove a more than useful corrective. The centerpiece of
the compilation is the premier recording of Stravinsky's beautiful and enigmatic score for the ballet Orpheus. The set also includes Stravinsky's remarkable forays into film, Ode, and jazz, the Ebony Concerto, performed by the Woody Herman Orchestra. All the recordings are conducted by Igor Stravinsky.
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AnarchyJack said...

Stravisky brought music into the 20th Century. You could hear Stravinsky's trademark dissonance in Alban Berg's Wozzeck. It was the template for how horror movies would be scored.

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