...be aware as singer extraordinaire Roberto Messina proudly announces "The Bad Day"

 As original as it sounds "6008 Days" is the name of a brand new Band featuring the versatile singer virtuoso Roberto Messina who has officially announced the date and publication of the first official video and on Monday 14th January 2013, the world of Rock and Roll Music would be finally witnessing "The Bad Day". Through 6008 Days web channels and all the main Rock & Metal Music websites.

The same day the official website
www.6008days.com will be launched, with all contents about the band.

Messina's profile includes the works with many important Italian Metal Scene cult bands such as Avatar, later called Highlord, with whom he recorded a demo while already a member of legends Secret Sphere his main and only group which he stayed with from 1997 through 2012 recording six successful and classic Power Metal albums and currently an active member of Alkemist and Hemisphere:.......
let's have Roberto explain:

"I already joined SS before to leave Avatar then remained only with SS for 13 years, with Hemisphere; it was a one tenure project, currently I'm still a member of Alkemyst, yes we are working on the third album with them!

Roberto Messina on Alkemist and Hemisphere musical orientation: 
"Alkemyst is prog-power metal, with a lot of classical music influences.
Hemisphere was fusion-rock-metal a very original project by Fabio Cerrone, famous rock-fusion guitarist.
M.E.P. anything else you would like to add about the 6008 days upcoming video!!! 
" Antonio Masiello, the Video director, has a strong charisma, whose provocative style leads to strong images with outstanding evocative power and aesthetics taste. The two artists started a symbiosis: completing the audio-communicative channel within the video itself, they manage to confer to the message a huge impact potential, entering the scene in a direct and straight forward attitude!

The Bad Day is about to come .... be ready!"
Roberto Messina exclusively for Musica en Progreso on Friday January 11th 2013


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