Midnight, the Powerful Metal Vocalist Dies at 47

John Patrick McDonald more known as Midnight the powerful singer behind Speed Power Metal Pioneers Crimson Glory Died on July 8th 2009 from liver and kidney failure the Artist was 47 years old. From 1986 through 1991, Midnight fronted Florida's own Metal group Crimson Glory with his distinctive and wide range in between High Pitch and dense strong voice. With the type of Phantom Of The Opera kind of look due to the use of mysterious masks, the band explored what later on became Power Progressive Metal. With Crimson Glory, Transcendence, and Strange & Beautiful, released between 1986 and 1993 the band gain considerable respect and paved the road for other acts to follow. Midnight came back to a re-formed Crimson Glory to perform at a Festival in 2004 for an interesting acoustic set, in 2007 midnight went again his own never to return to the band again.

I remember loosing my Transcendence tape I had since back in the day and then finding it again not too long ago on a stack of used Cassettes placed in a basket at a Thrift Store without a case!, The particular songs from That work, "Lonely" (which was very close to "Take Hold Of The Flame" from Queensr¥che in mood) the opening Lady of Winter and Red Sharks stood for they technicality and clear epic sound in the Vain of Maiden meets Rush but with a style of their own.

Midnight had a hard life but will be remembered as one of the most unique Singers in Heavy Metal history. Look out for his solo albums as well as Crimson Glory's and please don't download it, I'm sure his family will appreciate this.

Rodrigo Trupp


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