Danny Biggin "New Breed of Rock-Metal Musician"

Next is an Interview with a new friend of mine, Dan Biggin, British Musician and Bass Player for Chilean Thrash Metal Bands Criminal and Pentagram, also currently helping is own Band Takoma Star to gain success in the Music Circuits. Here's Dan with a few impressions and thoughts (and Pictures, sorry Dan I didn't wait on an answer to use'em) on the Music movement nowadays.

MEP: Hi Danny How’s life How does it feel to be playing with Chilean Brothers on two of the Most “Brutal” Bands from South America?
-D:I love every second of it. Its a real honor to be playing in two bands that have such a long and distinguished history in the metal scene. Its also great to be touring and playing with such great friends. I consider all of those guys my extended family.

What do you think of the Resurgence of Thrash-Death Metal and how does this affects or involves you?
-D:I think its great that their is a resurgence. Its about time. I think kids are finally getting smart again and are fed up of all the fake, posing, pussy metal out there.
There are all these bands that suck with their dumb fucking image conscious look and sound and kids are starting to see through that and get back into the real metal and CRIMINAL and PENTAGRAM are the real deal. You never see Anton straightening his hair or putting on eyeliner ha ha ha.
Hopefully more kids outside South America will start to get into CRIMINAL too.

What were you doing (if Playing for a different Band), before joining Criminal, and which other Projects before Criminal were you involved in previously?
-D:I have always played music in various bands for the last 16 years or so. Most of the bands never got much further than a few shows or recording an EP.
My main thing has been my band TAKOMA STAR that I have been doing for a few years now. I think CRIMINAL fans will probably hate it because its not metal at all.
TAKOMA STAR is punk rock kinda like The Ataris or Millencolin with a bit of Foo Fighters thrown in there.
I sing and play guitar in that band and we have just released a new album which is going really well.

What memorable moments on recording “White Hell” are your favorites, also in touring Chile?
-D:The recording of White Hell is a bit of a blur for me actually. Because I was playing on it and co-producing it I was so so busy that it all kinda melted into one thing, Plus I had really bad tooth pain.
Touring in Chile I fucking love. I love everything about being in that country. The fans are fucking crazy out there. The shows always go off hard and we always have a great time. Plus you have to remember that I live in the UK so getting away from a country where its always grey and raining is great too.
We always get to play with bands we love that are good friends of CRIMINAL like DORSO, NUCLEAR and NECROSIS so we always have the best time.

Was Joining Pentagram an obvious Transition, were you expecting it?
-D:I wouldn't say i was expecting it but it had been mentioned before.
When we last toured in Chile and we played Cumbre Del Rock Chileno festival I think the guys were already thinking about doing the Pentagram tour and Topo mentioned that maybe I should do it but I didnt know what would happen.

Favorite Tunes on “White Hell”, what would you say its your contribution to the Band? besides playing Bass of course!
-D:Errr.. OK my "favourite" tunes on White Hell are Black Light, 21st Century Paranoia and Crime And Punishment.
As for my contribution to the band. Well yes playing bass is one of the things I do. As well as that the whole album was recorded at my studio HVR Recordings in the UK and I wrote a couple of songs for the album too.

Favorite Bands that influenced you somehow from past and present times?
-D:Well I guess as a kid it was bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden that were the biggest influences on me. Then Slayer, Carcass, Anthrax and Megadeth.
Megadeth were such a massive influence on me as a kid and thats why it was such an honor to go to Chile and support them. I never thought in a million years I would share the bill with a band like Megadeth.
I listen to a lot of stuff that isn't metal too. Rush, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple as well as stuff like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.
I was also really into Minor Threat and Fugazi as well as Bad Brains and Black Flag.

What are you listening to Right Now?
-D:FUGAZI - Red Medicine

Technical Data:

Instrument of preference (Brand “ only if possible”)
I have been lucky enough to be an endorsed artist for DEAN GUITARS for the last couple of years and I use them exclusively for all my bands and studio work. Guitars and basses

Gear (amplifier, chords, effects, picks, Strings “only if possible”)

Amps - Marshall all the way, I have just been to the Marshall factory here in the UK to look at the VBA bass rigs

Effects - Boss and MXR mostly as well as some LINE6

Picks - Jim Dunlops

Strings - Criminal are endorsed by DR who make awesome strings so I use them

Chords - Planet Waves

Favorite Musician: I couldn't chose one so err... Joe Strummer would be one of my choices.

Favorite Five Metal Albums:
Megadeth - Rust In Piece
Strapping Young Lad - City
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes
Carcass - Heartwork
Iron Maiden - Powerslave

Favorite Five Music Albums (other Styles):

OK this list changes every day depending on what mood I am in but today its

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Clash - London Calling
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing
NOFX - 45 or 46 songs that weren't good enough to go on our other records

Favorite Movie (or Book):
Again this changes all the time. Today its "Once Upon A Time in The West" the Sergio Leone movie

Hobbies: Swimming, Surfing (badly) and I am a real retro computer games geek.

Favorite Food: A big juicy STEAK!!!! preferably in Chile in a restaurant like Eladio

Favorite Drink: Well since I gave up alcohol I have to say Diet Coke (god thats boring right!)

Thanks a lot Dan for your time responding this questions loads of luck my friend!

Interview and foreword by Rodrigo Trupp

pictures of Dan taken from Facebook they belong to:
Wacken Germany 09-Samantha Carrington
Wacken Germany 09-Matt Davis


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