Redemption DVD+CD on Inside Out Music Label

Redemption is a US Power-Progressive Metal Band. In their beginnings the group was Led by guitarist Nick van Dyk and also originally featured Rick Mythiasin from Steel Prophet on vocals, Guitarist Bernie Versailles (who toured with Fates Warning for 1997's APSOG album and also plays main role as Guitarist for Ray Alder's Engine Band) and Jason Rullo from Symphony X on drums. Mythiasin was replaced in 2003 by Magnitude 9's Corey Brown (who's voice his very much in the vain of Ray Alder and it's said to be replacing Lance King on Britain's Balance of Power).
Later Ray Alder of the Classic and Progressive Metal precursor band Fates Warning, who had sung on one track on Redemption's self-titled debut, stepped in as Redemption's full-time vocalist for 2005's The Fullness of Time work.

Recently released from Inside Out -
Redemption/Frozen In The Moment: Live In Atlanta ....DVD + CD $17.99
In September 2007 Redemption played a fantastic show at the legendary ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, GA, in front of 1200 ecstatic fans. The show was recorded for the live document that is now "Frozen In The Moment – Live in Atlanta."

Foreword by Rodrigo Trupp
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headbanger_71369 said...

I found your blog while looking for reviews of the metal masters tour. I write a heavy metal blog and was wondering if its ok if I upload a still image of Heaven & Hell, along with referencing your blog, when I post my review? (I have no shots of my own from my show) Let me know if you are okay with this.
Cool blog btw, keep writing!

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