Klaus Schulze's CD's on Ryko Music Label

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Klaus Schulze/La Vie Electronique I ....triple CD $20.99
Klaus Schulze/La Vie Electronique II ....triple CD $20.99
Klaus Schulze started playing music about 40 years ago. As a young kid he had some guitar training and after playing acoustic guitar for about six years he began fooling around with the electric guitar. And then he started playing drums, first with the avant garde/free rock trio PSY FREE, then Tangerine Dream, and in August 1970 he founded Ash Ra Tempel. But, once again he felt compelled to move on and switch instruments and he started playing keyboards. In his own words: "What started as an experiment (and still is) has increased to a giant sound cosmos over the years." "La Vie Electronique" presents the listener a chance to experience this progression with rare recordings that haven't been released on his regular albums. "La Vie Electronique" was first published as a strictly limited 50 CD-Box and will be released now in chronological order in 3CD sets including some material never released before. The first set contains pieces, which have been recorded between 1969 and 1972 with
very simple tools like the Teisco Organ - but with a big vision. The second set contains pieces, which have been recorded between 1972 and 1975.


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