Asia - Live In Tokyo 2007/2008 Phoenix tour

To say a word about one of the few good bands that ever existed after the Progressive Rock movement of the 70's, it's just simple as how "Simple" their Music was described by most fans from such period. They came with a marketed product and made it big over night and as fast as they rose to the huge circuits around the World they basically vanished. Geoff Downes regrouped the Band and made a few decent albums, some heavier than others, others much more progressive than the original "trilogy" Asia, Alpha or Astra, but certainly to see that famous line up together again was simply more complicated than avoiding to come across the many bad reviews so called "Specialized" press wrote about them back in their heyday.

As I said Asia was putted together by a couple of "Record Label" experts and became a massive Radio Friendly thing that kicked out even Journey and Foreigner off the charts. To see them back playing tunes that are Immortal and to hear some songs they never played due to their turbulent personal relationship (good they decided to play Don't Cry as it is and not as an acoustic short version as they did at first in 2007 also it's great to hear some B-sides songs that never made it to their official releases) is a real treat and even as they are well aged human beings now the Music stays fresh as it was back then. On tour and reunited with an awesome Live Album and DVD Live In Tokyo 2007 entitled "Fantasia"a new album properly called "Phoenix" in their sleeves, Asia to me has always been a great solid Progressive Rock Band and only a few others from their time have been able to create such powerful Sound and Music. Amazingly enough is to know that such long gap in their career took an end with just a couple of phone calls between former members.
Asia - Live In Tokyo 2 CD SET $18.95
2009 two CD release. Recorded live on the reunited Prog supergroup's successful 2007/2008 Phoenix tour, this set was recorded in Tokyo on May 12th, 2008. Apart from all the big Asia hits and album tracks, the unique factor of this concert comes from the band members, who add solo performances of hits from their previous bands such as Yes, King Crimson, The Buggles and ELP. Features tracks including 'Only Time Will Tell', 'Heat Of The Moment', 'Daylight', 'Never Again', 'Voice Of America' and many others. Store For Music.

Title Composer Time
1 Daylight Downes, Wetton 6:33
2 Only Time Will Tell Wetton, Downes 5:04
3 Wildest Dreams Downes, Wetton 5:40
4 Never Again Downes, Wetton 5:19
5 Roundabout Anderson, Howe 8:32
6 Time Again Downes, Howe, Palmer, Wetton 5:29
7 Bolero Downes, Howe, Wetton 3:53
8 Clap Howe 6:47
9 Voice of America Downes, Wetton 3:51
10 Smile Has Left Your Eyes Wetton 3:42
11 Ride Easy Downes, Wetton 4:56
12 Open Your Eyes Wetton, Downes 7:11
13 Fanfare for the Common Man Copland, Emerson, Lake, Palmer 9:30
14 Without You Howe, Wetton 5:58
15 Extraordinary Life Downes, Wetton 5:44
16 In the Court of the Crimson King McDonald, Sinfield 5:11
17 Video Killed the Radio Star Downes, Horn, Woolley 4:48
18 Heat Goes On/Drum Solo Downes, Palmer, Wetton 11:07
19 Heat of the Moment Downes, Wetton 8:33
20 Don't Cry Downes, Wetton 4:06
21 Sole Survivor Wetton, Downes 5:53

foreword by Rodrigo Trupp

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