Motorhead/Motorizer CD
Motorhead! "Motorizer" is Motorhead's 24th album and gives listeners the feeling that they have not yet reached the peak of their musical output. Like the band themselves have stated: 'A kick ass record – definitely one of the wider ranged Motorhead records ever released.' The album was produced by Cameron Webb and the recording took place at Foo Fighter Dave Grohl's 606 studios in Los Angeles. Motorhead is embarking on a full-scale US tour together with Heaven & Hell and Judas Priest, already being hailed as the 'tour of the year.' (CD's album covers graphics and soundbites at :


AnarchyJack said...

These guys were bad ass in concert with Testament, Sabbath (Heaven & Hell) and Priest. I'll buy Motorizer and let you know what I think after I've given it a listen.

Rodrigo Trupp said...

good deal, thanks

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