Secret Sphere / Heart and Anger 2005 Avalon/Japan

Another great moment in Power Symphonic Metal Music History. Secret Sphere started life in the mind of guitarist Aldo Lonobile in July of 1997. The first formation of the band had vocalist Roberto R. Messina also a member of Symphonic Speed Metal acts Avatar and Highlord, guitarist Gianmaria Saggi, bassist Andrea Buratto and drummer Cristiano Scagliotti.

Approaching the end of 1997 two new members came along: Antonio Agate (keyboards) and Paco Gianotti (guitar).

September 1998 brought their debut demo tape 'Between Story And Legend'. Drummer Cristiano Scagliotti departed right after these sessions to be replaced by Luca Cartasegna. Reviewed as top demo on specialized magazine Metal Hammer, The band secured a deal with Elevate Records. On June 1999 they recorded a concept full Length album entitled "Mistress of The Shadowlight" with Luigi Stefanini at New Sin Studios (Labyrinth, Eldrich, Domine, White Skull).

Headlining tours across Europe and Italy lead them to land a song on the tribute album Keepers of Jericho for Helloween. Heavier than its predecessor the band's second album, "A Time Never Come" was released in March of 2001. Roberto Messina And Aldo Lonobile would also perform extracurricular activities. The singer would be featured as main vocalist for French Progressive Metal act Alkemist during 2001, while Lonobile will contribute session guitar for the debut Beholder album "The Legend Begins".

Touring will include dates with Sonata Arctica.

After some gigs and promotion, 2002 brings the deal to sign for German label Nuclear Blast In 2003. Meanwhile recordings for a new record take place in Italy at Mirage and Alfa&Omega Studios, mix and mastering at the House Of Music, with producer Achim Kholer in Germany known for his work with veterans Sinner, Primal Fear and Brainstorm. Scent Of Human Desire is released and it included female soprano voices. Long time drummer Luca Cartasegna who had work with the band for the first 3 albums departs alleging difference in musical tastes. The record touches Hard Rock, Heavy Power Metal and a provision of classical music.

'Heart & Anger' was putted out in January 2005 and also introduced new Swedish drummer Daniel Flores of Mind's Eye. It contains 13 amazing songs starting with the Symphonic opening named; Endless which fusions onto Where The Sea Ends musical explosion of heaviness speed and aggressive riffing. The original idea of fast songs mixed with melody and symphonic arrangements play a very important role through the album, it includes a 50 member symphonic orchestra directed by Luigi Cociglio and supervised by Diana Tizzani and also some musicians from “Alla Scala” theatre. Speed heavy metal with a concept it's the main musical theme through this majestic masterpiece, the record doesn't gives in to lame passages, First Snake includes a duet with talented high pitch throat man Roberto Tiranti from brother band Labyrinth, consequently Loud and Raw, explicitly graphics the dramatic Symphonic measures, the next hooking and commercially embellished synthesizer packed Dance With The Devil gives us back a hint of songs like the delightfully "More Than Simple Emotions" from their previous release.

The remarkable heavy power riffing continues with Set Me Free another moment of love and magic with I Won't Say A Word, Lights On and Leonardo Da Vinci are basically what makes this hole album worth it. The powerful Choir and Orchestra and the soloing of both guitar player and keyboard man are one of the best things I have ever heard. The blend between grand pianos and the metrical riffing (the record has memorable beats all throughout) are simply enjoyable and technically outstanding. You Still Remain might as well leave hair metal power ballad makers simply in darkness. The piece astoundingly combines the strength and melancholy of singer Roberto who manages his voice between high pitch ranges low dark cadences and brilliant thick sounding deliver, in contrast with the skillfully managed hard-soft sound. This work is one of the best of it's genre, mysteriously atmospheric and pleasantly crafted. It is a bit similar in resonance and emotiveness to the miraculous "Sons Of Thunder" recorded in 2001 by Labyrinth. It's got that feel and aura, potent, plenty of musicianship yet differs in approach to Rhapsody's music and takes off away from the style known sometimes as "Malmsteenian".

The record which could have perfectly been a concept album gives us the last moments of satisfaction with the rage and quickness of Bad Blood followed by the secrecy of No Reason Why and the romantic and at the same time despondent coda-like (known as epilogue on text books) Faster Than The Storm.

The Japanese edition comes with a marvelous breathtaking slow acoustic version of "Where The Sea Ends".

Rodrigo Trupp


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